Ramadhan Appeal 2012

Please Help Us to Provide Free Medical services for the Needy

Assalamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullah

I hope and pray that this letter finds you in the best of Imaan and health in this holy month.

Since its inception The Alma Hospital Trust has with the wonderful support of kind-hearted people like yourself, has been able to provide much need medical care to thousands of poor people in the Hafizabad District of Pakistan.

The Alma Bi Hospital continues to provide a vital daily service to the local community. We also send medical teams to remote rural areas which have no access to medical care, providing free treatment to those who have not had the resources to get private treatment or to go to state run hospitals many miles away.

The Alma Bi Hospital hosted another of its dedicated “eye” camp weeks in March 2012. Poor eye care is one of the major health problems in this region which has a profound effect on people’s daily lives. Many people were also given the opportunity to receive free treatment for other ailments and over 7,000 patients were seen in total.

Over 200 eye operations were performed – mainly for cataracts – with a 100% success rate.

In May 2012, with help of one of our supporters, we installed a deep bore water pump 360 feet underground and a water filtration system. Contaminated water is one of the major causes of ill health in this area. We have also provided external taps and drinking water fountains for the benefit of the whole community.   

So please mark this Ramadhan by giving as much as you can by sending us your Zakat, Sadaqah, Lillah, Fidya or Fitrana donations to our charity so it can continue its noble work for the poor and needy.

You can donate online, via our website, by clicking the "Make a Donation" buttons located across the site.

You can call our Credit Card Hotline on: 01923 215663.

Those who give to charity night and day, secretly and publicly, receive their recompense from their Lord; they will have nothing to fear, nor will they grieve (Qur'an 2:274)

May Allah, Subhana Wa Tala, Bless you and your family for your support.


Mohammed Younis M.B.E


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