Our 2017 free annual eye camp took place between 23rd - 26th March, marking 10 years of making a real difference in our local community and helping to provide the precious gift of sight to those desperate in need.

Despite poor weather conditions this year, over 4000 people visited the hospital during the 4-day period, many people viewing this event as an opportunity to receive free treatment for other ailments as well. Our team of dedicated doctors treated over 400 patients for eye-related problems and carried 177 operations with a 100% success rate.

Mrs Fatima travelled many miles to Alma Bi Hospital to attend this year's free annual eye camp in the hope of receiving free medical treatment that her family could not otherwise afford. Through the kindness of charitable local people and generosity of our donors, we were able to organise for Mrs Fatima to have the operation required to restore her sight and she is now finally able to see her husband and three children after six years.

Without your generosity, none of this amazing work would be possible. Thank you!