Flood Relief Camps Treat 3,000 Patients

Every day is a new challenge for the staff at the Alma Bi Hospital. Earlier in September, our hospital ambulance was out in the flooded areas and carried out not one, but 5 medical camps treating people with water-borne diseases. In only 5 days, the small medical team comprised of 4 people managed to treat a staggering 3,000 patients, amongst the most common being skin-related conditions affecting children. 

As well as providing free medical care right in the midst of the floods, the Alma Hospital team brought biscuits and cooked food to people who were stranded. Many had sought refuge on raised roads and had not eaten for days. 

This activity was in no way sponsored, but paid for entirely with the hospital's own funds, which are now running low. So help us help them and Make a Donation Now, knowing that every single penny goes directly to the upkeep of a truly wonderful facility. Your generosity changes people's lives.