Flood Relief Camps Treat 3,000 Patients!

The medical team focused their efforts on four regions: District Hafizabad, District Jhang, Noweshera and Mianwali. These all sit on major waterways that flooded severely, wreaking havoc on millions of lives. Cholera, dysentery, dehydration, malaria and a host of other illnesses are rife in the flooded areas.

Mohammed Younis and a team of three doctors supplied the best "No.1" drugs to everyone who attended the camps whether they were young, old, rich or poor. At a cost of over £14,000 this service was provided free-of-charge to the local people and was paid for entirely with the hospital's own funds.

The AHT is yet to fully pay for this effort and so desperately needs help and donations to cover its costs and ensure that the hospital itself continues to survive. Please visit the "Donate" page to help.

AHT Flood Relief 2010   AHT Flood Relief 2010