Your Generosity Changes People's Lives - Mrs Rahmata's Story

71-year-old Mrs Rahmata Bibi travelled many miles to attend this year’s annual eye camp, with the hope of receiving free medical treatment that her family could not otherwise afford. Due to the development of cataracts, Mrs Rahmata had lost complete vision in both her eyes three years prior to her visit to the Alma Bi Hospital. After a successful procedure to restore her sight in one eye during our specialist camp, Mrs Rahmata was scheduled for a second operation two weeks later.

Through the kindness of charitable local people and generosity of our donors, we were able to organise these life-changing operations, and Mrs Rahmata’s vision is now fully restored in both eyes. During this holy month, you can do something amazing with your Zakat, Sadaqa or Fitr donations, knowing that every penny goes directly to the upkeep of a truly wonderful facility.

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